Where do you turn if you can’t build a shed yourself?

Not everyone is a builder, and many more are pretty averse to general DIY as well. However, people still need their carports, custom designed garages, patios, workshops and other similar products.

So how do non-builders, or even builders who can't be bothered doing it themselves, get one of these constructions made for them? They contact Shed Boss.

Complete projects by Shed Boss

Managing your own construction process is both time consuming and tricky. When you start adding various council permissions and insurance liabilities in there as well, it becomes even more of a hassle.

Luckily, Shed Boss can manage your project from start to finish. Our range of local franchises are run by friendly, professional and (importantly) fully licensed individuals who will actually genuinely care about the completion and quality of your product. In addition, utilising Shed Boss as opposed to doing it yourself means all liability falls with us as your builders, rather than you as an owner-builder.

From start to finish

So just what is this complete process that we are talking about?

Well it starts with the design and planning phase. Once you've sent through your request on the Shed Boss app, we'll jump on board and begin figuring out what your specifics are. As well as that, we'll make sure your project meets all the necessary requirements for your local council. We know the finicky ins and outs, so let us handle the tough bits for you.

Following that, we take charge of the building process itself. From the beginnings of earthworks and laying the concrete down to putting up the walls themselves and popping a roof on top, our builders know their stuff, and when combined with our high-quality building materials (which we will also source for you), they can make sure your new building will last for years to come.

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