• What purchase decisions should I consider before I get my quote?
  • Do you provide a building or installation service?
  • Can I build the shed myself?
  • How long does it take for my shed to be built?
  • What are the steps associated with building a Shed Boss construction?
  • How long are your buildings guaranteed for?
  • What colours are available?
  • How long does council approval take??
  • Can Shed Boss obtain council approval for me?
  • What is the difference between BMT and TCT cladding?
  • Are we ShedSafe™?
  • Does your steel building meet Australian standards?
  • Does my Shedboss building require maintenance?

The first thing to ask yourself is “What do I need this structure for?”

Are you wanting more space for storing garden machinery and sporting gear? Does your business need some custom designed commercial sheds for safely storing products in-between deliveries? Maybe all you need is an extra carport built because your little boy is all grown up now and has his own car, but there’s no space left in the garage.

Once you have sorted out exactly why you need a shed, garage, patio, awning or carport, the second step is to research if you need council approval to go ahead with the construction.

Each state has it’s own set of rules and regulations about this, but don’t stress as you can talk to the friendly Shed Boss team at your nearest franchise and they can help guide you throughout the entire process.

You can read about this FAQ in more detail here.

We sure do! Our franchises have a team of fully licenced professionals with expertise in all your building and installation needs. We can offer you the whole package and run the project from start to finish, meaning all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the keys to be placed in your hands.

Best of all, when we build for you, there is no liability placed on you as an owner-builder. Our years of experience in construction mean that we always deliver quality, sturdy sheds that are backed by a ShedSafe™ guarantee.

Once you design your own structure through the Shed Boss app, we receive the plans and get down to business by working on the specifics of your project. After this preliminary stage is completed, we begin the build for you – starting with any required earthworks, moving on to laying concrete and then the final stages of erecting walls and placing a secure roof.

We pay attention to detail, making sure that your project meets the local council’s requirements. Here at Shed Boss, our builders truly know their stuff, but most importantly, they care about turning your design on paper into a finished, masterfully built space in person.

Learn more about our services in this blog.

The answer is yes, you certainly can, but it can be a difficult DIY project if you’re inexperienced with construction.

Constructing one of our beauties involves skills in laying down concrete, roofing, earthworks, erecting walls and working with steel. Building these skills often take years of experience, especially to refine and fine tune them to a high standard, so it can be tricky to build your own shed unless you come under this category.

Tackling the build on your own also comes with a range of important considerations such as knowing about your state’s workplace health and safety legislation. Also keep in mind that you would need to secure council approval before even a single hammer can be picked up.

It’s not just building consent needed though; you would also have to ensure that the relevant sewage and water plans are included in your council application and that all fees are paid. If you do decide to take this step, don’t worry, we will still help as best we can. Here at Shed Boss, we will not only send all the building materials to your site but we will also provide an informative instruction manual to minimise your risks of accidentally making a mistake.

Check out this blog for more things to consider before you build alone.

There is no single answer because it completely depends on the rules and regulations of your local council. On average, we have found that it usually takes between four and six weeks for council approvals to go through.

Once we have council approval, things proceed a lot quicker. Depending on the size and scale of your project, and whether you build it yourself or use our services, it typically takes as little as six to eight weeks for your finished structure to be standing proudly on your property.

Smaller builds such as patios and awnings understandably take less time to be completed than larger commercial sheds or custom designed workshops.

You can read about some of the different councils and their specific rules here, or feel free to contact your local Shed Boss store to talk to the friendly team and find out what the protocol is in your region.

There are 8 key steps involved. We have laid them out for you here, explaining the easy process from start to finish:

Step 1: You use the Shed Boss app to design your structure and get a free quote, right from the comfort of your couch.

Step 2: We receive your design and plans, and then we both agree on a price.

Step 3: A contract is drawn up and signed.

Step 4: Now we start to manage all the regulatory requirements for you. We meet with independent structural engineers to get their approval, and official sign off for your site-specific plans and drawings.

Step 5: Local council approval process begins. To save you time, effort and money, we collect all the relevant documents, such as sewage and waterworks diagrams, and prepare all the paperwork for council on your behalf. We even pay the fees.

Step 6: After council approval, we begin to source all needed materials using our trusted suppliers.

Step 7: Once these arrive, we deliver them to your site in a timely manner. Your schedule is respected by us, so if you can’t start the building right away, we can temporarily store your materials at our own secure depot until you’re ready.

Step 8: Construction begins! Experience the fun of having your personal shed or garage spring out from the app’s digital screen and onto your property!

Buying a shed or garage should give you peace of mind. In many ways, it’s similar to buying a home because you and your loved ones will probably spend a lot of time in these structures – laughing together as you store away the surfboards or watching movies on a couch if you use your garage as a hang-out spot.

Even businesses want profitable investments and so their commercial sheds need to be sturdy, long-lasting and secure for employees to work in and for their valuable goods to be stored safely.

Here at Shed Boss, we completely understand and respect these needs, which is why each and every one of our products comes with a ShedSafe™ guarantee. This means the Australian Steel Institute and a Steering Committee comprising expert manufacturers have accredited our methods, vouching for the strength and security of our sheds.

In addition, we partner with trusted companies who offer our clients a 15-year COLORBOND® steel warranty. This means your steel exterior will retain its glossy colour and withstand the force of the weather and elements, but as is the case with any warranty, there are terms and conditions. You can read about some of them here.

Always feel free to chat to one of our friendly team members for more detailed information on our guarantees.

You can choose from any combination of the 22 colours from the COLORBOND® steel range. This ensures your garage or shed will perfectly match the colours you have chosen for your home’s COLORBOND® steel roof, fence and gutters.

Start designing your shed online today with our ShedMaker app.

Usually 4-6 depending on a number of factors including the coucil area, size and location of building.

Yes, we most certainly can! Your local Shed Boss franchise is your port of call for obtaining council approval in that region. It’s important you speak with them because the laws for council approvals change in each state and territory, but our Shed Boss franchises have years of experience building in their respective areas and can handle the approval process for you.

This is part of our service under the complete project scheme. We take care of everything, saving you time and effort by sending paperwork such as forms, site plans and structural details to local councils on your behalf, after we both agree on the final plans. You need only sit back, relax and wait for the keys to your brand new custom designed shed.

We can also keep you in the loop and are happy to chat over the phone or in person if you have any questions during the council approval process. For more information on approval time frames, check out our blog article.

BMT stands for Base Metal Thickness without colour coating, while TCT is the Total Coated Thickness that includes metal and colour coating. Both BMT and TCT are forms of measurements, used to determine how thick steel cladding is.

However, BMT is the standard measurement used throughout the steel construction market in Australia, because it tells it like it is – it gives you information about the base thickness of the structural metal, and does not take into account any extra coatings or colours.

On the other hand, TCT includes information on the thickness of the coats over the steel. Primers and paint layers are also calculated. By taking all of this into account, the TCT is usually higher than the BMT.

Why is this something you need to make sure you take note of?

Well, firstly, TCT can mislead people into thinking the steel is stronger than it is, because the numbers could be higher due to the additional layers.

Secondly, you need to ensure the steel you want for your custom designed shed is measured in the Australian standard of BMT, because using TCT could mean an engineer or builder doesn’t realise and sadly ends up using steel too thin for your structure.

Let’s look at an example of how this could play out: Tom’s shed needs steel with a BMT of 0.30 millimetres, but because he wasn’t sure about the distinction, he placed an order for 0.30 millimetres in TCT. In reality, the TCT equivalent is closer to only 0.25 millimetres, causing his shed to be built with weaker and thinner materials.

You and your loved ones can breathe a huge sigh of relief because yes, you most definitely are protected by the ShedSafe™ guarantee when you purchase a custom designed shed from Shed Boss.

ShedSafe™ is a two-tiered accreditation program managed by the Australian Steel Institute (ASI). One tier evaluates manufacturers in charge of the engineering and design, while the second tier audits shed sellers who have a responsibility for their customers’ safety and must take care to ensure the design is best suited for the customers’ needs.

As the leading organisation on steel safety in the country, ASI works in collaboration with a Steering Committee of leading steel manufacturers from around the states and territories. Together, they carefully audit steel manufacturing and hire panels of expert engineers to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

Only the best of the best get the ShedSafe™ status. Shed Boss is proud to be one of these. For more information on how the ShedSafe™ program works, you can read our blog on this topic.

Yes, very much so. Here at Shed Boss, we take the Building Code of Australia (BCA) very seriously, and have carefully sourced our steel to ensure we comply with the requirements.

Our sheds feature steel made by BlueScope Steel, an Australian company with a rich history – they’ve been making steel in the country since 1915. Not only is their steel 100 per cent Australian made, it is also produced to a high quality that meets, and in some cases exceeds, BCA standards.

We often use ZINCALUME® steel for roofs and walls, which complies with AS1397. This standard has various components, but one of the main ones is that the steel is hot-dip zinc coated or aluminium/zinc-coated, meaning you have a quality, sturdy product. Similarly, we also use GALVASPAN® steel in the important structural components, which is also made to comply with AS1397.

It’s not just about function, but also form, as we use COLORBOND® steel colours that comply with AS2728 for pre-painted steel sheeting.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you are investing in premium steel that takes pride in meeting Australian standards.

First of all, you should know that the steel we use is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions and because of this there isn’t much maintenance required. This frees up your time for the good things in life, like having a BBQ with family under an awning or soaking in the sun at the beach.

What’s more, your local Shed Boss franchise team have experience building in your region and know which construction materials are best suited to your climate, so the steel will be put together with other materials ideal for your area.

However, to keep things absolutely spick and span, there is a little maintenance required, but it’s nothing major. You need to give your shed a wash with clean water every six months or so, particularly paying attention to areas that don’t get touched by rainfall. For those of you living by the seaside or coastal neighbourhoods, or if your shed is beside industrial fallout, it would be better to give it a wash every three months.


Use a non-abrasive detergent on soft cloth or sponges to scrub off any grime or dirt.


Use any abrasive chemical agents for cleaning, and avoid harsh-bristled brushes or scourers as they can damage your steel’s outer coating.