Is your shed home to valuable equipment? Do you store any vehicles, tools, materials or even prized family possessions? How hard would it be for a thief to roll your motorbike out into the night? How much did that drill set you back? Sheds may be made of tough steel and concrete, but would-be thieves can be a resourceful lot when motivated by a big payoff.

So, it pays to make your shed a less appealing target and help them move on to the next thing. Often that’s a case of employing anti-theft strategies that involve nothing more than common sense – and a few simple measures.

Security lights

Probably the simplest deterrent is to bathe your shed in light. Thieves love the dark. It keeps them hidden and reduces the chances they’ll be discovered or disturbed, which gives them more time to defeat your locks and burglar bars. Motion detector lights are also a great option. Not only do they save electricity, but the startle-effect of a light suddenly blinding an unwanted visitor can often send them running.

Locks and Bars

Most thieves gain access through a negligent door or window left open. Even the strongest shed won’t defeat a burglar if you don’t have a well-established lock-up routine. After an unlocked door, the windows are the weak point of your structure. If you have valuables, simply having metal bars over the window frame not only prevents them from gaining access should they smash the window, it also means you don’t need to worry about losing possessions thanks to a window carelessly left open.

Security cameras

Some folks want nothing more than to get on TV, but for criminals, security cameras are an unpleasant sight. Often the mere presence of a camera can deter a potential break-in by making thieves feel like they’re being watched. And of course, in the event of a theft they provide great evidence that can lead to recovery of your property and arrest of the perpetrators.

Roller doors

Roller-doors provide maximum security if – like ours – they come with a bottom rail for added protection. Shed Boss roller doors also have the added advantage of a remote-control system, which means you can open and close them at the touch of a button. This makes it much more convenient to keep your shed secure. It reduces the likelihood of a door left open, which advertises your expensive stuff to the whole street and also invites intruders to help themselves.

Stay vigilant

Probably the best piece of advice when it comes to security is to keep your eyes open and aware. Get into the habit of locking windows, doors and even skylights. If you have expensive kit, keep it under cover and out of sight. If thieves can’t see anything of value, they’re less likely to risk breaking in. At Shed Boss, we’ve been helping customers secure their valuables for decades. If you’ve got something worth protecting, we’ll be happy to give you the right advice.

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