Sheds & Garages

More and more Australians are experiencing the benefits of custom designed sheds, from residential garages to industrial sheds used for commercial purposes.

Manufactured in Australia from Bluescope Cold formed Hi Tensile C section Steel.
Featuring fully bolted connection plates made from heavy duty galvanised steel.

Utilising roll formed Zed purlins and girts or galvanised Battens. Choose from Embedded in the slab or bolt to slab hold down brackets Full Bluescope Colorbond range available or Zincalume finish as required.

Add a range of Awnings, Roller Doors, Personal Access doors, Windows, Fibreglass skylites, Insulation, Mezzanine floors, RAD closer motors, Sliding doors, vermin proofing and more….. Standard gable roof pitches of 10 degrees, 15*, 20*, 25* and 30 degrees are available in the software

Create space and add value with sheds

No matter who you are, chances are you have assets that require shelter. Whether it's a garden shed for your tools or commercial sheds used to house business workshops, ShedBoss and GarageWorld are dedicated to providing you with custom designed buildings that will suit your specific needs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of custom designed sheds is the space they can give you. Whether you need room for storage or a place to work, sheds can be designed to whatever size or purpose you require.

What's more, the quality construction of our sheds will provide you with a valuable asset and create greater value for your propert or business.

Custom designed shed options include:

  • Small sheds ideal for backyards and project sites
  • Industrial sheds perfect for storing vehicles, equipment and other assets
  • Commercial sheds that can be outfitted for business use as workshops
  • Lifestyle buildings that can be used as liveable (residential) sheds
  • Garages for caravans, boats, trailers and other large vehicles

All of our buildings are constructed using premium-quality steel and can be customised to suit your specific needs, from installing roller doors to choosing between flat roof and gable roof shelters.

We also offer a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours to choose from, as well as security options including lock up garages, front and side entryways and window placement.

Most importantly, our turnkey service is dedicated to working with you every step of the way, from design to construction, in order to make sure you get the building you want.

Experience the ShedBoss & GarageWorld difference

There's no shortage of builders available, but at ShedBoss and GarageWorld, we set ourselves apart by focusing on building strong and building right.

That's more than just a motto for us - it influences our custom designed shed construction every step of the way.

First we start by creating a design that not only meets your requirements, but is also tailored to the specific construction site. We make sure the building will serve your needs while also fitting the land it's built on and standing up to the local weather conditions.

We also make sure everything is in accordance with local laws and building regulations. In fact, we're on hand to assist you with everything from the initial planning stages to receiving council approvals.

Next we ensure your shed is built using only high-quality materials by talented tradespeople. Our outlets are independently owned and operated, which means we can provide you with local Australian products and builders.

This ensures you have local support and supplier warranties while also keeping jobs and dollars in the local community.

Finally, we're proud to use our own patented tools and technology during the construction phase. Cutting edge design like our Morinda Glove Section Bracket System makes sure your custom designed shed is built to last.

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From residential garages to large commercial sheds, Shed Boss and GarageWorld are here to provide you with quality work at an affordable price.

Contact your nearest Shed Boss & GarageWorld outlet to see design examples or apply online now for a free shed or garage quote.

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All sheds and garages feature:

  • Stramit® Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding

  • Create your shed's perfect colour scheme with Colorbond®

  • TauraEdge is the safest roller door in Australia and the first of its kind