If you are designing a custom residential or commercial shed, choosing a skillion roof is ideal due to its versatility. Here's everything you need to know about this roofing style.

One of the great things about a Shed Boss shed, or any other one of our structures including garages and workshops, is that they can all be custom designed to your preferences. This means you can pick a roof shape, style and material that best suits your needs. A skillion roof may be exactly what you're after, especially because it is so versatile.

  • Skillion roof sheds with roof pitch options of 5 degrees, 7.5* or 10*
  • Spans up to 12m with variable bays up to 9m long
  • Corrogated or Trimdeck Roofing and wall cladding
  • Full Bluescope Colorbond range
  • C section galvanised frames – precut to length and pre punched - heavy duty bolt up connection plates for assembly
  • Add an Awning
  • Add eaves to sides or top and bottom
  • Add glass windows and sliding doors or roller doors

What is a skillion roof?

Also called a mono-pitched roof or a 'shed roof' by Aussies, a skillion roof only slants to one side. On the other hand, a hip roof or gable roof has at least two sloping sides, which meet towards the centre in a ridge.

Why install a skillion roof?

There are both practical and financial perks to a skillion roof. Their mono-pitched shape means that they have fewer drainage problems compared to less steeply pitched roofs. Because this style is easy and fast to construct, it is a cost-effective way to build. It's roof profile can be also be used with most shed or garage designs, offering versatility. At Shed Boss, we engineer the skillion roof pitch so it can vary from 3.5 to 10 degrees. This flexibility gives you freedom to pick an angle custom to your needs, all the while offering a sophisticated, seamless design. This is why the skillion roof is an ideal choice for a contemporary, industrial-chic styled residential shed. Indeed, the skillion roof has gained popularity in Australia as a design feature in its own right, evoking rural and industrial themes. Our new architectural skillion range is available in a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours, and the flat angled roof shape gives it a very stylish, edgy look that is a better match to modern houses.

Stylish skillion roofs can go solar

Skillion roofs can be effectively paired with solar panels to utilise the maximum roof space for solar collection. We Aussies care about clean energy and sustainability, with nearly the entire population (87 per cent) wanting to invest in homes with solar panels built onto the roof, according to research by Ipsos on behalf of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. The skillion roof is a great way to achieve this for both residential and commercial sheds built for green businesses. Design your own skillion roof on the handy Shed Boss app, keeping these aesthetic tips in mind:

  • Mix and match horizontal and vertical cladding for more pizzazz!
  • Choose steel colours to suit the surrounds
  • Customise size, design and accessories such as skylights or glass sliding doors to your needs

All barns feature:

  • Stramit® Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding

  • Create your shed's perfect colour scheme with Colorbond®

  • TauraEdge is the safest roller door in Australia and the first of its kind