About ShedSafe

ShedSafe™ is a new industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds. It is an independent accreditation program designed to assist shed buyers in making an informed purchase decision.

ShedSafe™ is a two tiered accreditation program accrediting both the manufacturers responsible for the engineering and design, and the shed sellers responsible for making sure the design is the best fit for their customers.

Shed sellers cannot apply for accreditation until their supplying manufacturer has successfully completed their accreditation process.

ShedSafe™ is managed by the Australian Steel Institute and overseen by a Steering Committee comprising of representatives from shed manufacturers throughout Australia.

For more information about ShedSafe™, visit the ShedSafe website.

ShedBoss is ShedSafe Accredited

ShedSafe™ accreditation cannot be purchased - it has to be earned. ShedBoss underwent a rigorous independent auditing and certification process by an ASI appointed panel of independent engineers and specialists.

When you request a quote for a shed, we will consider the following:

  1. What will the shed be used for - domestic, farm or industrial use?
  2. How far from the coastline will the shed be built?
  3. Will it be subject to extreme conditions, e.g. snow, cyclones?
  4. What is the surrounding area generally like - suburban, semi open or open plain and exposed?
  5. Will the shed be built on or near a hill, slope or escarpment?
  6. Are there existing structures near where you want to build your shed? How far away are these from the site?

ShedBoss will use this information to determine importance level, terrain category, topography factor, shielding and wind speed in meters per second. This information determines the design strength of the building.

ShedBoss can supply a range of domestic, commercial and industrial garages, sheds, workshops, awnings, carports and barns to suit your requirements.