Things to remember when designing and building your own shed

Thanks to our handy Shed Boss app, designing your own shed and getting a quote is as simple as using your computer. When you receive the materials, strap on the tool belt and pretend you don't need the instructions (but actually read them first), the construction process begins!

Woah there, nelly – take a moment to breathe before you start banging things with a hammer. Managing your own project is harder than it sounds, and there are some points you'll want to consider before progressing onward.

Pros please

Before we tackle the tricky stuff, it's safe to point out that building your own shed is certainly fulfilling. Every time you get to use it, or see someone else doing the same, you can think to yourself, "That was me – I built that." 

Secondly, if you go with the DIY option, we'll still help you out as best we can. In fact, in addition to the building materials, concrete slab and certified plans that we'll deliver to your site, we'll also give you a Construction DVD and instruction manual so there's no chance you'll accidentally make a mistake.

However despite these pros, there are some tricky cons you need to be aware of.

OK … now the cons

Managing the building process of your own custom designed shed means you need to bear in mind all the little details that go along with it. 

For example, are you aware of the workplace safety legislation of your state? In NSW, the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 states that recklessly endangering someone's health could land you with a hefty fine – or worse.

Before you even get there, you have the local council to deal with. Every local government across the country has its own steps you need to follow for approval. This includes wind speed regulations, building consent, sewage and water plans, and any fees associated with these.

If you feel it may be too much to do by yourself, or you just want to be safe, make sure you give your local Shed Boss a call to see if we can help you out.  

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