Marketing yourself: How to grab the attention of customers in this day and age

Half the battle for businesses operating in the current market is getting the exposure needed to reach a wide enough audience to help turn a profit. As social media and decentralised technology becomes more prevalent, the power shifts into the hands of the consumer.

Therefore, as the owner of a a Shed Boss franchise, making the most of these advances will be essential to help push your custom built patios, garages and other products to the public. 

Deloitte's Katie McNamara said that more Australians are beginning to expect more from their stores, like being able to shop around and check prices from the palm of their hands. This can pose a challenge to small businesses unable – or unwilling – to adapt. 

"Meeting the needs of internal and external digital consumers often requires a change to the operating model and structures of a business. Creating new internal digital teams and capabilities is hard to do successfully as talent is scarce, the pace of innovation is rapid and performance metrics are hard to define," said Ms McNamara in a June 23 statement. 

How do you reach your chosen market today?

The name of the game is social media and being communicative with your customers. Communication between clients and service providers has changed from simply broadcasting one message out to the masses and waiting for them to flock. Instead, being in personal contact with individuals and their inquiries is becoming the norm. 

Through a maintained social media presence on websites like Facebook and Twitter, taking the initiative to open a dialogue with people will help create an approachable brand that clients are willing to use and – hopefully – talk about to their peers. 

These are just some of the things to consider when cultivating an online personality. But one thing is certain – this is an essential factor to consider in order to remain competitive in the coming future. 

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