3 ways to soundproof your shed or garage

There is a budding musician in many us – perhaps we just don't know it yet! Whether you enjoying strumming your guitar, banging away at the drums or mixing the latest tunes on the wheels of steel, music has the power to bring great joy to anyone within earshot – or great annoyance. Because your custom-designed shed or garage is often the most appropriate place (in your home, at least) to jam, your neighbours may often be privy to your latest noodling – and may not be impressed with it as you are.

Sure, your rendition of Nirvana's grunge classic 'Come As You Are' might well be the greatest version of the song since Mr Cobain himself played it, but your neighbours, and even family members, probably don't want to hear it right now. So, what is a tortured musician to do? Simple – soundproof your shed! Here's how to do it.

Mass-ive attack

The simplest way to stop sound both entering and leaving a given space is to add mass to the walls and ceiling. The thicker the walls of a structure are, the quieter sounds from within will be. However, even if the walls of your shed aren't thick enough to drown out sound, adding extra mass is easier than it sounds.  

Purchase a roll of mass-loaded vinyl – any good DIY store should have some. This is the stuff that traditional tradies use, so measure some out and attach it to your walls and ceiling.  

The simplest way to stop sound both entering and leaving a given space is to add mass to the walls and ceiling.

Super-damp (ing)

Once you've added a little mass to your shed, it's time to damp it. Don't worry – this has nothing to do with moisture rising through your walls. Rather, it's a way of soundproofing that absorbs the kinetic energy from sound waves, then converts it into heat, rather than noise.

Damping solutions usually come in the form of a glue, and when it's put between two rigid panels, you're creating an effective sound barrier that can keep even the most epic 20-minute Pink Floyd guitar solo for your ears only! 

Curtain call

It's well-known that glass is a great conductor of both light, but did you know it can amplify sound, too? Even if you have triple-pane glass installed in your custom-designed shed, sound can still get through, so invest in a pair of heavy, thick curtains to pull across the glass at night (when your playing is likely to bother people the most). You'd be surprised at how effective this method can be at cancelling out the noise – and you can throw them back open when the sun begins to shine.

Be sure to get in touch with the team at Shed Boss to find out what we can do for you and your budding music career.

Soundproof your custom-designed shed or garage with Shed Boss.Soundproof your custom-designed shed or garage with Shed Boss.
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