National Construction Code Changes

From 1 May 2019, an important National Construction Code amendment comes into effect for all buildings, including sheds, built in wind regions A and B in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2-2011. The intent of the amendment is to help make buildings safer for those in Australia and New Zealand. Shed Boss Franchisees have the tools and information that allows them to provide a shed quotation and design that is compliant with this amendment. Some jurisdictions may delay […]


Thinking of a new Shed? There are many new words and terms that are thrown around in the process of design, quoting and construction. As such, we thought it would be a good idea to create a short glossary of 20 shed words you’re likely to hear to help you understand and make better decisions when looking for a Shed.   Apex This is the topmost point of the shed where two sides of the […]