What are some of the extras you can put on a shed?

While working with Shed Boss gives you a wide range of overall custom designed shed options for the main frame of your construction, we can make it so much more than a regular four walls and roof. With extras available to help with ventilation, heating, letting light in and much more, Shed Boss products go well beyond the basic expectations of what a shed can be. Here is a run-through of just a few of […]

Shed Boss App in focus: What type of building do you want?

With our new Shed Boss App, you can design so many features at the touch of a button. From colours to contours, you can design your dream construction to your specification, and then share it with the world, through social media, email and more. You can even do this on the go, with the app downloadable from the Apple and Google Play stores – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who needs to have […]

When do you need a permit for a shed?

Working with Shed Boss gives you a world of experience and expertise when you want to make your custom shed design a reality. But often, you will find that you'll need a permit before your shed can go ahead, due to council regulations. The measurements and regulations can differ from state to state and even from council to council, so unfortunately there is no one golden rule as to how big your shed can be before […]