Repairing Rockhampton with Shed Boss

When it comes to building custom designed sheds, we think the range of products available from Shed Boss are pretty top-notch. From garages to barns to sporting clubhouses, we are able to create a diverse range of structures that can suit almost any purpose. And on top of that, they are built strong and built right.

This last point was put to the test recently, due to Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Descending upon Yeppoon and Rockhampton on the 20th of February. It caused widespread destruction as reported by James Cook University. Terry Horsley from Shed Boss Rockhampton was on hand to witness the damage. 

Widespread damage across the region

Terry's team has created a lot of different structures around Rockhampton: Commercial sheds, carports, awnings, garages for farm vehicles, boats and much more. And across all of these Shed Boss constructions, none have been reported with significant structural damage. Some had aesthetic damage, including twisted roller doors, while one sustained some roof damage due to flying debris and a falling tree, but none of these custom designed steel sheds failed.  

This is despite wind gusts of up to 156km/h and 113km/h at Yeppoon and Rockhampton respectively, and Terry says winds did reach speeds above this at areas further from the weather stations where these speeds were recorded. This includes winds that rose to above what the Building Code of Australia prescribes for the region.

At Bondoola and Cawarral as well as nearby areas, Terry's team found many older non-Shed Boss buildings that had been completely destroyed. Since Marcia, his crew has inspected more than 100 buildings, including some with catastrophic damage resulting in the construction splitting apart and being spread right across the owner's property. 

Response and repair

Shed Boss Rockhampton often undertakes projects on land that does not yet have electricity reinstated, and so has generators on hand. This proved invaluable for the region in the wake of Marcia, as power was lost to many areas. By these generators to their office, Shed Boss Rockhampton was able to keep running, and were the only port of call for repairs for a full week after the tropical cyclone struck. 

Of more than 100 structures that have been inspected so far, upwards of 20 require extensive repairs. Very few of these have been Shed Boss products, which have merely required quotes and minor alterations and fixes to roller doors and windows.

A lot of the time, when one building was inspected the Rockhampton team would find yet another that required close scrutiny and detailed repair, the damage was so widespread. By liaising with insurance companies and clients, they have facilitated the repair of numerous products and are working hard to restore Rockhampton to pre-cyclone conditions. Also during inspections each building was checked for structural integrity and a damage report was forwarded to owners as well as insurance companies.

Keeping with the code

Terry has noted that about 12 months ago, the Building Code of Australia was updated, introducing new regulations for all roller doors to be cyclone rated for use in storm-prone areas. The cyclone-rated doors that Shed Boss has been installing over the last 12 months since the change displayed very little damage in the face of Marcia, showing the importance of always building to code. 

Terry still expects numerous calls over the coming weeks from people who need inspections, quotes and repairs, showing the breadth of damage that was caused by Tropical Cyclone Marcia. While thankfully no lives were lost, the damage incurred at so many properties is a constant reminder to always keep buildings up to code – especially in weather-prone areas like this Queensland coastal region. 

Shed Boss Rockhampton will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future with the ongoing repairs, and their tireless work helping to everyone's buildings highlights their commitment to the wellbeing of the entire community, not just their own constructions. 

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