A brief guide to Australian wind speed ratings

Wind is great when you're flying a kite, or hoping for a cool breeze on a hot day. It's a bit less convenient, however, when it's rolling over your custom designed barn, trying to knock it over.

To prevent this sort of extreme incident happening, wind ratings are always considered during the planning phase of your building.

Wind ratings in Australia

Whether you're building a small carport or going large with a new industrial shed, accounting for wind is essential when considering what materials to order. 

Wind has a pesky habit of finding weak spots in a building, exploiting them over time until one day something fails and suddenly the roof is halfway down the street. Thankfully, we can both measure and account for the most common wind speeds in Australia, meaning your project is built appropriately. 

There are four different categories to how we measure the required wind rating of a shed. 

Intended use

The first part of the calculation is what you intend to use your shed for. This is measured by the Design Importance Factor, with buildings such as a farm shed being less important, and something akin to an emergency services building ranked as more vital.


Next, the local terrain needs to be accounted for. Are there trees or bushes? Is it a busy suburban area, or a wide-open rural farm? 


As you can imagine, the impact of wind on your construction depends on whether your shed will be perched high up on a hill, or low down at the foot of one.


Finally, shielding will also play a role. Permanent buildings such as houses can shelter smaller sheds from the harshest winds, meaning the rating will likely be lower.

All the products we offer at Shed Boss are ShedSafe™ accredited, meaning they comply with the National Construction Code and all Australian wind rating standards. If you'd like to know more about the specifics of your property, contact your local Shed Boss team and they'll be happy to help you out.

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