3 more fresh uses for a shed

Building a Shed Boss custom product doesn't just have to be for work or play – there are many other uses it can perform! If you look through guidelines such as the building codes provided by the Brisbane City Council (BCC), you'll find there are many outlined roles that rural sheds can play that you might not have thought of if you are building in the Brisbane area. Here are three you could consider. 

Protection of the environment

According to the BCC guidelines, you can get approvals for a shed if it "protects and enhances semi-natural and natural habitats and rural landscape values". If your property contains some beautiful flora and fauna that you hope to be able to protect with a customised awning or shed, you could consider applying for a permit to do this. You could also install a plant nursery!

Parks and recreation

As long as it does not significantly impact the character of the rural landscape that it inhabits, you may also be able to plan a shed for outdoor sports and recreation! This could really open up some leisure options for you and people living in the surrounding area.

Gym class

For those who like to keep a rigorous fitness regime, sheds can also be transformed into a home gym or indoor sports zone! Whether you want you lift some weights or perhaps set up a covered tennis court, Shed Boss can provide. 

Of course, the land plays an important role from both a conservation and a production perspective, and must be protected. Before you construct a shed on your rural property, you may need to seek several approvals from your local council. Fortunately, Shed Boss can manage this for you by determining the correct use, zone and permit that must be addressed – as well as obtaining the relevant documents for you. Speak to us today to find out more, or get a free online quote

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