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The National Branding of ShedBoss as a Reseller with the unique ShedTech 3D Design Software Package

The Offer
The ShedBoss Brand is under new management. We plan to restore the brand and make ShedBoss the best steel buildings supply company in Australia.
Currently we are seeking businesses to join the growing ShedBoss Network with opportunities across Australia.


ShedTech offer to supply shed resellers with our state of the art Quoting, 3D Design and Management Software for use selling sheds and steel building kits from our huge range. Thousands of proven designs will be available to you.
Resellers will have access to our National Buying Group to source materials from our suppliers at our already negotiated special rates and deals for delivery Australia wide.
This includes all major items such as Bluescope Colorbond steel sheeting, purlins, rain goods, componentry and brackets, Rolladoors, hardware, fasteners and glass.
Ideally new resellers are already in this business selling sheds or an allied industry or have relevant experience with sales of building products, an understanding of the building industry and an ability to read engineering plans. Preferably applicants will hold a building license to enable erecting sheds or employ contractors for building and concrete slab contracts to maximise sales, profits and client service.

The Building Products
Our software designs, quotes and details a large range of buildings virtually instantly with a full Bill Of Materials produced as a PDF ready to send out for ordering.
All our sheds and carports use fully bolted frame systems supplied with pre cut and pre punched galvanised C Sections. Australian Bluescope steel and a full Colorbond range are available to choose from.
We have the highest quality buildings offering top strength and great value for money for your clients.
Our standard range of proven designs are detailed on the website.

The Software
Our user friendly ShedTech TM product will work for you 24/7. A huge range of functionalities are built in to help you do business – and with the latest technology and engineering.
We have a list of default settings to speed the quoting process with your usual common preferences and options including purlin selection from Topspan battens to zeds, various hold down brackets, connection plates and flashing choices.
The site wind speed is automatically calculated and optimised with our dynamic engineering package – Windcheck TM for every job. This reduces and optimises the design, steel specification and steel costs, making the shed cheaper! This will in turn increase your sales.
Many features and functionalities have been built into our system to assist you day to day. Items such as variable bay length selection to 9m, mezzanine floors, insulation, fully bolted Zed purlins and girts option, various connection plate choices, eaves, attached awnings, internal walls, skylight panels, vermin proofing and lots more simplifies your quoting process.
Sales and Management reporting tools are built into the system to help you monitor your business day to day and monthly to evaluate leads, sales by product, sales by salesman and more.
Other reports available include – slab design and layouts, roof and wall sheeting layouts, bracing plan drawings, purlin and girt layouts and marking plans to assist site construction.
ShedTech encourages all resellers to set up a big screen TV for your office to show our 3D software to best advantage for your clients to be wowed and involved in designing their product with real time 3D graphics with walk inside viewing and showing colour selections, doors and window placement.
We have construction guides for all sheds as a PDF in the Help Menu in our software ready to email to kit clients to help them build their shed or carport.
The ShedTech software also quotes for concrete slabs and erect work for any job.
ShedTech is constantly improving our software product and working on updates adding more functionality and new features to maintain your sales growth.

Our widely experienced staff is ready to help you make sales in this industry and assist you to be successful. We will help you get up and running with sales training and product knowledge.
Our software system can prepare professional quotes in minutes with client job particulars, building elevations and other details and be emailed direct to clients or printed instantly.
Sales are simply processed and ordered within the system and watermarked client engineering plans, slab layouts and materials lists for clients are instantly available off your computer after ordering.
Tax invoices, job costing summaries, client payment schedules, call back reminders and more are built into the system.
All quotes are saved to our secure server for retrieval later to view, modify or to convert into orders. This means all your business data is stored safely and backed up off site – not on your computer – so is not lost if your computer crashes or is lost or stolen.

Our “Easy As” order system means we will do the work for you.
This allows resellers to place orders on the ShedTech system – by paying a deposit to receive engineering plans with full payment due prior to manufacture and despatch per our standard terms and documents.
You do not need to establish supplier accounts or reconcile invoicing every month. Simply pay ShedTech’s wholesale costs per job and we will do the rest for you. You will retain your profits.
A rebate system on monthly sales may be applicable depending on meeting criteria and sales volumes achieved.

Covid regulations permitting – new resellers will need to attend a minimum of one day initial training at our Brisbane office in the use of our software and ordering systems. This will get you started to hit the ground running rather than being unsure or unskilled in your quoting and potentially losing lots of money by over quoting in price and losing work or creating stuff ups.
This training would also encompass product knowledge to assist with industry proven sales techniques to make resellers more successful and confident in their business.
Our structured training program will guide you through the steps to be able to best use our intuitive software which is suitable even for novice computer users without industry experience. You will learn to competently quote and sell sheds and carports and be confident placing client orders.

You are the boss. Run your business your way. But with assistance.
ShedTech will supply you with a technology solution giving you the tools, products and systems to succeed. Combined with you supplying your time, hard work and good old fashioned customer service to your clients will make you a cut above the rest.
Being server based sales reports are all updated in real time and accessible from any computer logged on to the secure system.
All our products are fully engineered and jobs are supplied with client specific watermarked engineer plans and relevant certifications signed off as required for certification approvals by various state authorities.
The ShedTech engineering complies with the latest BCA codes and all relevant Australian/ NZ standards. We are continually working on new designs, product improvements and reinvesting in updated engineering plans as this is critical for our mutual success in this competitive market.
The ShedTech dynamic engineering system is virtually self certifying as it produces engineering calculations and reports for every job for building approvals and therefore giving real peace of mind for your clients that compliance to codes is assured for any wind loading and design.
ShedTech is an accredited Shed Safe supplier so our network can utilise this marketing tool and credibility to promote to the public.
All our buildings are covered by relevant product warranties from manufacturers such as Bluescope.

The reseller will of course strive to market and network his business in his local area and with local contacts. Merchandising materials, signage, posters, shirts and more are available from ShedBoss.
We can offer new dealers a website with content, picture gallery and layouts ready to go with your own domain name and contact details. This will assist in gathering local leads and potentially from further afield.
Your details will also be listed as a reseller on our ShedBoss website to gather local leads.

Custom Buildings
Although we offer the biggest quoting and product range of any shed supplier some clients will always request something outside of software design parameters.
This is termed custom design. Handled properly and professionally this can be a great way to make bigger margins and create happy clients and earn you many referrals as a true industry specialist.
We will help make you look good.
Due to the one off nature of this work it takes more time, expertise and cost to design and certify this kind of project. Sometimes this can be done free of charge initially with advice for quoting purposes but manual design and detailing, one off drafting and engineering certification involves use of professional resources which will reasonably be charged back to you and your clients.

The Package
In summary, for a small tax deductible initial investment you will have access to a proven formula for industry success. Server based industry leading software together with our tried and proven product range of steel buildings, carports, patios and building systems.
Our national supply chain is in place giving you immediate best pricing and saving you from trying to find suppliers and negotiate deals. Additionally as part of our network you will receive the instant benefit of group buying power making you able to compete with any opposition.
Support, training and help are available via our helpdesk, office or via phone and email.
You will benefit with the biggest range of quality steel building products with superior designs compared to any other, with access to ShedTech – the best software available to independent resellers in Australia and membership of our Shed Alliance National Buying Group…….
With all this in place your time can be spent marketing and making sales for your business.
What are you waiting for? Want to know more?
Call us right now and learn how to become part of this multibillion $ industry.
Seize this opportunity to secure your future now!
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