When do you need another custom designed shed?

Sometimes what you already have just isn't enough. Budding property investors always need to get one more property, hungry children always want another piece of candy – even our politicians are constantly on the march for just one more term in office!

The same principle can apply to your custom designed shed as well. Whether you are using it for storage or a commercial office space, there can be many situations where you'll find yourself needing an additional shed or awning. 

Luckily, the team at Shed Boss are willing and able to help you out there. With our expert service, local knowledge, safe products and designs tailored to your needs, we're a great first port of call when you need a shed – or another, or another one on top of that! 

Here are some of the situations you might encounter that call for additional custom designed sheds or awnings. 

Expanding the office

According to the National Australia Bank's December business confidence survey, there was a drop in business conditions month-on-month. However, while this index can rise and fall every 30 days, the overarching trend shows that business conditions are slowly improving. 

With these conditions slowly increasing, you may find opportunities to expand your own business – perhaps by opening a new rural office. The use of a commercial shed as a base of operations or regular office space is not uncommon in this day and age, especially with the wide range of add-ons that can form a part of your shed. 

The versatility of Shed Boss products allows you to create a commercial shed exactly as you want it, so if you have found business conditions falling in your favour, consider a new construction to expand your rural office space. 

Renovating your home 

When you want to expand your home or shed, it is crucial not to look past the great range of awnings on offer from Shed Boss. Not only can these save you damage from the sun and UV rays, they can also give your shed and home extra energy efficiency! 

The Australian Government's YourHome website notes that outdoor awnings can be very effective for shading windows, which can slow the loss of cooling and heating energy through these panes. If you have added windows to your construction in the Shed Boss App, you may want to consider this kind of expansion.

Awnings are an important extra that you may want to consider. If your shed is losing heat, or gaining too much, then you may be in a position where a customised awning is appropriate. 

Buying the dream car

As we get on with life, we often find ourselves in positions to treat ourselves, whether it's to something small like a new luxury bedding set, or that 1970's Firebird car you always wanted. If you are expanding your repertoire of vehicles, then it's important to keep them safe.

Keeping your precious and practical vehicles protected from the weather means making sure a shed or carport can shelter them. By engaging Shed Boss, you will be able to get a custom design that builds upon your existing property, or perhaps is a standalone construction. Either way, our products are built to stand up to Australia's weather conditions and will be just what you need when you require an expansion of covering surfaces on your property.

To get a closer look at what we can do for you, check out the Shed Boss App, then come and speak to us about the implementation of your next shed expansion. 

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