What sets our steel apart?

Getting a custom designed shed or garage installed on your property is no small task. You are picking a construction that will suit your desires and needs, that will add value to your property and also will last in the long term. It's an important part of creating a great piece of real estate, as well as building something that will serve a practical use. 

That's why you need to make sure the product you receive is top quality and serves you well, and why you should engage Shed Boss for your next custom design. Our COLORBOND® steel will see you right, no matter what the construction is. Here are three reasons why Shed Boss should be your first port of call. 

Trustworthy products for a trustworthy shed

Infolink recently released its Top Trusted Brands survey for 2014, which collates responses from across the country on who the most trustworthy brands in architecture, design and the like are. As it turns out, the thirteenth most trusted brand in Australia is none other than Bluescope Steel. The survey report had this to say about the company:

"The company's products play a big part in people's everyday lives, being vital components in suburban houses, landmark buildings and structures and popular makes of cars".

And of course, Bluescope Steel is responsible for COLORBOND®, the steel used in our custom designed sheds, barns and other products. We know the strength and durability of this product, and results like this simply reinforce the trustworthiness of the brand. With such a reliable organisation behind the bread and butter of our shed constructions, you can rest assured that your design will be built strong and built right. 

We take on the elements – and win

The weather conditions in Australia can be harsh in a number of ways. The outback of Queensland can ramp up the temperature and cause heat damage to your property, while many other areas face high winds that must be withstood by your dwellings. 

COLORBOND® steel has a baked-on finish that lasts for the long run, meaning it withstands chipping and peeling that can occur under the strong rays of the summer sun. This means that with minimal upkeep, you can have a shed with an exterior that will hold up for many years, even in the harsher Australian conditions. COLORBOND® has been making roofs and walls for 45 years now, and has extensive experience with minimising corrosion and wear and tear. 

This means you can not only view your custom designed shed as a value-adding piece of property – it's a fantastic long term investment. 

Shielding you from the sun

The COLORBOND® steel itself isn't the only thing protected from the sun – the contents of your shed will be too. While creating a customised barn or outdoor awning is a great way to create shade, the hot sun can increase heat within your construction. But by using the Thermatech® type of roofing offered by COLORBOND®, it is possible to reflect a greater amount of heat off the roof of your shed. This lets you and your stock or machinery stay cool during the summer.

This effect is greatly diminished in the winter due to the angle of the sun, which means you will also be able to benefit from more warmth once the colder temperatures start to settle in.

The level of versatility, strength and trustworthiness you get when you work with Shed Boss means we should be your first point of contact when you want to get a shed built. No matter what purpose it will serve, check out the Shed Boss App to put together your plans then come and talk to us. 

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