Using a closed plan shed for your office

With such a wide range of designs to select from when you get a custom designed Shed Boss product, it can be difficult to choose exactly what you want! One popular option for Queenslanders is to construct a closed-plan shed, especially for those who want to set up a rural office space. This offers a number of benefits for workers. 

Privacy power

Sometimes, an open-plan office can have negative impacts in terms of privacy levels for workers. Not having a sense of personal space is sometimes not conducive to work, whereas the privacy offered by a closed-plan layout can allow people to feel more secure and get on with their duties – an important consideration for your rural office. 

Noise reductions

Open-plan shed offices can also be affected by noise as it rings out across the space. Depending on how you decide to construct your customised office space, the acoustics can have an impact on productivity – not to mention your sanity! The calm and quiet offered by closed-plan office spaces can be a great asset for the rural workplace, as well as giving you a nice space to relax in or meet with clients.

Room for personality

It may seem counter-intuitive, but often a closed office plan can give more room for employees. By having your own space, it makes it easier to feel comfortable and set up your work station as you see fit. If you're a messy worker who likes to have all their papers out on the desk at once, you can feel free to do so in a closed space.

Of course, making the right decision for a shed office plan depends on the needs of you and your co-workers. Work out exactly what you need, and then come talk to us at Shed Boss to get your office built strong and built right. 

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