Suggestions for social events at your shed

If all work and no play makes you a dull boy, then perhaps it's time to kick back and take a night off and let your hair down. It's important to relax, especially with the stress that long hours in a rural business can bring. But if you decide to go all out and host a social or business event at your home, have you considered using a Shed Boss custom-built product? Here are a few ways you can turn your shed or showroom into a social hub for any occasion, whether it's an annual business summit or family birthday celebration.

Indoor / outdoor flow

One of the greatest assets of using a customisable shed is being able to add small outdoor features where you see fit. If you would like to use your shed for a social function at some point, it's a great idea to have considerations for an outdoor space. The Shed Boss range of awnings can protect from the elements and also provide excellent shade for social occasions in the sun. 

Making connections of every kind

When you host a social or networking event, your shed can be invaluable – just make sure it gets connected to the network too! That electricity network, that is. The Shed Boss team can engage local contractors to fit out your shed with electricity and water connections that greatly increase the variety of roles it can play, allowing for music, fresh lighting and visuals. 

DIY furniture

If your shed is generally used for hay bale storage and you want to host a function in it, after you run a clean of the floors, consider covering the bales and using them as seating! They're easy to move and comfortable to relax on – you could even set up grandstand seating for weekend projection of sports games on a wall if you like. 

Not convinced? Talk to Shed Boss for a free quote and discuss just what your custom shed or barn can do for you. 

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