Storing hazardous materials: How to keep your shed safe

Sometimes storing hazardous materials at your business premises is essential. These can range from bleach and cleaners through to solvents and other corrosive products that need to be treated with the proper respect and care necessary to avoid causing injury to anyone. 

Storing these these things in your custom designed shed is a better idea than keeping them inside your home or office for obvious reasons. Putting these things out of the reach of young children or the general public is the best place to start, especially since drinking or even inhaling some of these fumes can be deadly. Storing them in a high up place is one preventative measure you can take for the wellbeing of others. 

Furthermore, having locks on all your garage entranceways and cupboard doors will add the extra little bit of security to the installation. Not only does this stop people from gaining access, but it can also keep these chemicals out of the hands of burglars and thieves. 

The place you keep these materials should be well ventilated as well. In the event that something leaks, being able to enter the room safely and deal with the problem without being forced to inhale toxic fumes is the best way to approach the situation. Having fire extinguishers and a landline hooked up in the garage could also be decent measures to take. This can go a long way to preventing a large amount of damage, should the worst occur. 

For businesses such as workshops or garages that see high foot traffic from customers, the same applies. Just remember that if you have customers frequently coming through the building, the onus is on you to protect them and their wellbeing – making these measures even more necessary.

Chat with the team at Shed Boss today about constructing your own custom designed shed and gain their insight into safety measures for your specific intended use of the space. 

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