Sheds to suit your needs

For many Australians, the word "shed" conjures up images of a simple wood outbuilding used to house gardening equipment. We at Shed Boss are proud to be able to transform the way these individuals view the potential of custom designed sheds.

From residential to commercial sheds, the only limit to what your building can become is your imagination.

Sheds to suit every purpose

Every client is different, and that's why we at Shed Boss are dedicated to tailoring our services to whatever needs the consumer has. We have designed and constructed everything from farm barns, winery spaces and airport hangars to workshops, offices and multi-purpose school classrooms.

Our designers are able to engineer buildings that can house workers and equipment or spaces geared toward livestock. Maybe you need a special garage in which to store your prized automobiles. Or perhaps you're looking to construct an indoor sports facility.

Regardless of the job, Shed Boss is your one-stop shop for design and construction.

Getting the details right

While we're committed to providing our clients with great looking, custom designed sheds, we also know that the little things can be just as important as four walls and a roof.

From concreters and electricians to plasterers and plumbers, we will help you through every step of the construction process. This also includes dealing with council regulations, town planning and any other obstacles related to permits and licensing.

Most importantly, we'll make sure that your shed is designed to fit your site, taking into account specifications that deal directly with the location of your shed and the land it sits on.

A premium-quality, custom designed shed can serve any number of purposes, so it's time to stop limiting your options and explore just what Shed Boss can do for you.

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