Shed Boss: More than just a franchise

There are plenty of franchise opportunities available to Australians, but Shed Boss takes pride in separating itself from the competition.

We're dedicated to building right and building strong, and that carries over into building a business, as well.

Freedom to grow

Where many businesses try to have complete control over their franchisees, Shed Boss is committed to giving our franchise owners true autonomy over their enterprises. While it's important that our franchisees run their businesses in keeping with the Shed Boss brand, we also want to encourage real control and independence for our small business partners.

Valuable support

At the same time, Shed Boss doesn't leave its franchisees lost in the woods. We're dedicated to providing valuable support, whether it's in the form of innovative software, advertising assistance, sales training or technical updates on changes in the steel building industry.

Beyond business

A big part of the Shed Boss difference is the fact that we're more than just a business. We care about our franchisees, their communities and the environment.

First, we want our franchisees to be able to develop a family friendly business that offers them a rewarding work-life balance.

Next, we want to ensure local communities benefit from the Shed Boss difference, which is why we are committed to sourcing workers and materials locally. Not only does this provide local jobs, it helps keep money flowing back into communities.

Lastly, when it comes to building, Shed Boss is dedicated to keeping the not only the environment's well-being in mind, but the safety and security of others. Quality craftsmanship is not just about a great-looking custom designed sheds – it's also about making sure a project is built in the right location using premium materials.

All this and more is what makes Shed Boss more than just a franchise – it makes us an opportunity for one of the most rewarding and exciting chapters of your life.

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