Safe storage solutions for both commercial and residential sheds


That word can sometimes make people feel anxious or stressed, worried about a lack of space for securing their important items. Finding spare room in cupboards, under the stairs or inside wardrobes is often like Mission Impossible – but this is where Shed Boss can help. A custom designed shed for your business or home can provide a sturdy, safe storage structure built to a size that suits your needs. 

For commercial sheds 

Safety is a key concern for storing products in large commercial sheds. Often goods are boxed up and stacked high, while fork lifts are used for the heavy lifting and transport of the items throughout the shed.

Between 2013-2014, a total of 531,800 people sustained an injury or illness in their workplace, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of this number, 477,900 were employees while 53,900 were owners or managers – highlighting that safety remains a major issue for Aussie businesses.

Thankfully, all Shed Boss sheds come with a ShedSafe™ guarantee ensuring that the build is completed to the highest standard and quality. But there are also several helpful storage designs businesses can use for the interior of their customised shed to help offer the utmost safety for workers. 

One of these is to ensure that the height of the shed caters for the estimated mass and weight of the product range, so that fork lifts are not strained over their recommended weight-bearing load. It can help to install mezzanine floors for particularly large builds rather than having a single storey. Another helpful tip is to install skylights so that there is plenty of natural light guiding workers.

Doing so also helps business owners comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, which specifies that the elected health and safety representatives must take all reasonable steps to identify any potential risks and hazards that could arise. This includes developing smart, safe storage plans for the shed. 

Storage Storage in large, commercial sheds can be difficult without planning to use the space efficiently in the early stages of the customised design process. 

For residential sheds

Usually, these are utilised for storing garden equipment such as large lawn mowers, shovels, bags of compost mix and other outdoor gear including bicycles, surfboards or skateboards. A simple storage tip is to hang up the boards and bikes on the wall using heavy-duty hooks, keeping them off the floor so there is always an easy and safe passageway inside the shed.

Add shelves higher up for storing sharp tools and keeping them away from children's reach. Allianz and St Johns NSW noted that nearly one third of all accidents in Australia take place in the home. 

Another tip is to add a rear garaport to your residential shed for keeping bigger mechanical gear out the back, or parking large boats, trailers, or caravans. Not only will this be safer for the kids, it also helps present a neat and tidy entrance way. 

Because the shed is an extension of the home, decorating it with homely features can help make it an inviting space. Store your compost bags in cabinets, so they are hidden from view. You can use wooden palettes to set up a hanging spice and herb garden after adding an internal wall to your shed. Grow plants out of these for a touch of green on the inside. 

A creative idea is to get old ceramic or terra cotta pots, fill them with soil, and place the tools inside the mud with the handles pointing upward for easy access. Not only is this great gardening decor, it is also practical. Similarly, hang up some fabric shoe holders from a hook and fill them with gardening gloves.

Storing gardening tools and machinery safely in your residential shed can make the process of growing greens even more relaxing. Storing gardening tools and machinery safely in your residential shed can make the process of growing greens even more relaxing.
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