Repair or replace custom designed sheds?

Whether through the ravages of time or natural disaster, there may come a time when you'll have to decide if your commercial sheds should be repaired or replaced.

Each option has its pros and cons, but the best decision for you will ultimately come down to specific needs and circumstances.

How much will it cost?

It may seem like making repairs to your commercial shed will be more affordable, there are times when it could actually be cheaper to demolish and rebuild.

The costs you need to weigh aren't just in monetary terms, either. If you rely on a commercial sheds for custom designed workshops or office space, chances are you can't afford to have your property out of commission for long. 

Depending on the types of repairs you wish to make, it could actually take less time to build from scratch. Even if this turns out to be a more expensive option, it could ultimately save you time and therefore money in the long run.

Can it be saved?

Of course, before you can decide whether to repair or build new, you must figure out if your sheds can be saved at all.

Even commercial sheds that are still standing after a vicious storm may no longer be habitable or usable.

You should have the foundation, roof and interior framing inspected by professionals to ensure repairs can be safely made.

Also keep in mind that wood structures can rot due to exposure to extreme moisture, making it a good idea to consider foregoing repairs to damaged wood and replacing your commercial sheds with steel structures.

Issues like mould should also be carefully considered. Commercial sheds that feature mould can pose serious health risks. If mould cannot be safely removed, demolishing your sheds and building from scratch may be the best solution.

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