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ShedSafe-accredited organisations such as ShedBoss have undergone careful inspection from an independent third party to ensure we meet specific design and documentation criteria.

Accreditation also means we're dedicated to building strong and building safely for your specific site. With this in mind, there are certain questions our clients can expect to be asked when they request a quote for custom designed sheds.

First, we'll ask you what the shed will be used for. As an example, do you plan on storing industrial equipment, housing livestock or building commercial sheds to be used as multi-purpose classrooms?

We'll also inquire as to how far from the coastline the shed will be built. Next we'll ask whether the shed will be subjected to extreme weather conditions, such as snow or cyclones. Understanding the severity of local climates ensures we construct a product that suits your needs.

It's also important for us to know what the surrounding area is like. Will your shed be built in a suburban setting? Is it to be located on open plain? Potential exposure is a key issue for us to identify before construction begins.

Next comes site specifics dealing with hills, slopes and escarpments. Variations in the land can play a major role in how commercial sheds are constructed, after all.

We will also need to know if there are existing structures near your building site, as well as how far away these buildings are.

Your answers to these questions will help us determine the design strength of your custom designed shed, as well as how much such a project will likely cost.

In the meantime, if you're looking for an indicative quote for your shed, fill out the form here. The more accurate you are, the better the results. Also keep in mind that we may need to ring you for more information.

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