Let modern tech help you succeed

There's no doubt today's technology is capable of some astounding feats. But it's not just advances in social media and cellular phone technology – much of the cutting-edge tech hitting the market is specifically geared to help small business owners.

As a franchisee selling industrial sheds and other products, you can count on the support of Shed Boss. However, you can also make your life easier and improve your business' chances of success by embracing modern technology.

The Grattan Institute recently reported that small and medium enterprises employ two-thirds of private sector workers and are responsible for half of private sector gross domestic  product in Australia.

However, many of these businesses struggle with reduced productivity due to their failure to take advantage of technological innovations.

"Today mobile devices, e-commerce, cloud computing and other online innovations offer opportunities for firms of all sizes," the Grattan Institute said.

"Cloud computing – the delivery of on-demand information technology services over the Internet – is a case study for how online technologies can benefit smaller firms."

Unfortunately, many Australian small businesses do not make use of modern tech like cloud computing.

"Many are not aware of the benefits or believe they lack the skills to capture them. Some are concerned about transition costs, data security and privacy. Networks are too slow or unreliable for cloud services in some areas," the Grattan Institute continued.

While issues such as slow networks may be unavoidable for some businesses, there's no reason things like fear or ignorance should stop business owners from making the most of the tools they have at hand.

In today's market, it's more vital than ever for small business owners to make use of all the gizmos, gadgets and programs at their disposal.

Shed Boss knows this, which is why we provide our franchisees with training and innovative software to help them handle everything from designs and quotes to project management.

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