How to keep your shed free of creepy-crawlies this autumn (VIDEO)

The first day of June heralds the start of the coldest season, and it's not just the people who will be reaching for their bobble hats, scarves and gloves. Indeed, the falling temperatures mean that Australia's legions of bugs will be looking for a warmer home than under a fallen leaf or in a dark crevice, and your custom-built shed is just perfect for them to wait out the winter.

Though most of us won't particularly mind if our tiny, multi-legged mates set up shop in our shed for a short while (especially if we won't be frequenting it ourselves) many Australians would be happy never to see a spider, scorpion or creepy-crawly ever again – so how can you keep them out of your shed? Read on to find out!    

Keep it clean

According to data website Statistic Brain, 30.5 per cent of the world's population suffers from mild, moderate or severe arachnophobia – the fear of spiders. Largely, that fear is baseless, but that's small comfort to those are confronted with an eight-legged beastie hanging out in the shed. When you think about it, though, a shed is an absolute palace for spiders. There are many places for them to hide, they can spin a web on your equipment, and their favourite food is often flying or crawling in. So how can you keep the critters out, as well as their insect brethren?  

Giving your shed a basic clean every once in a while can really make it an uninviting place for bugs.

Giving your shed a basic clean every once in a while can really make it an uninviting place for bugs. A thorough vacuum or sweep will let the bugs know that this is a clean and hygienic place, which a human constantly inhabits, hopefully deterring them. No bugs like being disturbed by humans, so regular cleaning activity will soon see them on their way. 

There is a light that never goes out

Aside from bugs such as moths, most creepy-crawlies try to stay away from light, as it reveals their hiding place to predators. Therefore, ensure that your custom-designed shed has a good light source – it will have the tiny creatures running for the shadows, away from your shed. Remember, the Shed Boss app can help you put together a shed that is fully optimised for awesome illumination. 

Talking garbage

This is a really important one. Try to keep your bins and bags of garbage as far from your shed as possible. This is because bugs find waste utterly irresistible, a food source that almost never ends. It's not only a feast for them, however – insects such as flies can and do lay eggs in garbage, and before you know it, your bug problem will have multiplied many times over. What else could be attracted to this influx of bugs? Spiders looking for an easy meal, of course!

At Shed Boss, we can design a shed for you that's easy to keep as a a bug-free zone – contact us to find out more!

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