Get inspired by these gigantic custom designed sheds

Sometimes, to think small, you have to think big. Looking at the biggest and best of something is a great way of drawing inspiration for your own work. It could be twisting a Shakespeare line for your own poetry, watching a Stanley Kubrick movie to spark your own short film or, in this case, looking at some of the biggest sheds in the world to draw inspiration for your own custom design. 

While these are unlikely to be designs that you can use in your backyard or on your property, there can always be touches and features that inspire you to create something spectacular when you use the Shed Boss App on your Android or iPhone. Let's see some of these gigantic constructions! 

Makikihi dairy shed, New Zealand

Nestled in New Zealand's south island at Makikihi is a robotic dairy farm that has a claim to one of the world's largest barns. The structure measures 13,000 square metres, and cost a grand total of $22 million – far more than you would have to spend creating a custom design with Shed Boss, that's for sure.

It plays host to a wide range of robotic dairy farming equipment and is the third technology-assisted freestall milking barn set up by the owners, Aad and Wilma Van Leeuwen. They told in an interview from October 13 last year that this enabled them to conduct winter milking, which meant they could collect a premium on their product. 

Some features include rubber-floored stalls, multiple feed lanes, guiding lasers and hydraulic arms. These might seem excessive but if you're in the market for a large-scale dairy shed, it could be just what you need. For anyone else, the shed itself is a mammoth construction that is well worth checking out. 

Aerium hangar

Designed in 1996, the Aerium hangar is one of the largest free-standing structures in the world. While not strictly a custom designed shed, the uses it has served could give you some great inspiration for your own work. It began life as a hangar but CargoLifter AG, who built the 360 metre long structure, could not keep up their project. This left Aerium's gigantic dome shape without a purpose, until it was taken over and transformed into a holiday resort. 

Now called Tropical Islands, it has an indoor beach, resorts, and much more – it's the full pacific holiday under one German roof! It's unlikely that you can do the same for your own custom designed shed, but haven't we all thought about installing a spa in our unused space at some point? Perhaps the former Aerium hangar could be your inspiration. 

Hangar one

Another of the largest free-standing structures you might have ever seen, Hangar One was constructed all the way back in 1933. However, it was dismantled a few years ago due to hazardous materials that were built into the roof – including lead and asbestos! It was built to house a navy airship, which we are assuming you don't have – but if you have smaller water craft, then a custom designed shed from on of our teams could be just what you need. 

Building with us also means you won't have this type of environmental cleanup down the line. We use tried and trusted brands, and our teams have years of experience with their specific location and the materials we use. It all results in shed designs that meet your specific requirements to the letter.

You might not have room for sheds of this size – but inspiration comes in many forms. If you've got some great ideas for a custom design, try them out in the Shed Boss App then come and talk to us! 

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