Looking for something to do in your shed? The internet is a wonderful tool that has given us a glimpse of the fascinating things people are doing with their spare time. Before the web, many tinkerers and artisans were hidden in their sheds where they cooked up amazing creations far from the eyes of the world. Now, thanks to online video, virtually anywhere you look these days you’ll find people exploring their interests and coming up with inventive ways to be creative and have fun.  From cast metal toys to elaborate glasswork, people are working away in sheds everywhere and firing the imagination with objects made from many different materials.

Some people go to huge lengths, building great big blacksmith forges and installing elaborate systems, but it doesn’t need to be massively complicated and expensive. In many ways the most interesting setups are those that are simple and inexpensive. We’ve seen a few examples of how – with a little creativity and a few items from the hardware store – you can have a lot of fun and do extraordinary things.

One YouTube video that caught our eye is that of Grant Thompson who came up with the rather brilliant idea of a mini-foundry built from a bucket and a few household items. If you’re not clued up on metalwork, a foundry is a device for melting down metals and casting objects. Grant’s simple spark of genius involves a steel bucket, some plaster of Paris a hairdryer and some barbeque briquettes. Most of which can be had from any local hardware store.

You can watch the video here:



This mini-forge gets so hot that it will melt aluminium cans in seconds. So now those tinnies you were about to toss in the bin can be transformed into new and interesting things. With a little practice, you can use it to cast figurines, ornaments and even some unique pieces of hand-crafted jewellery. The only limit is your imagination and perhaps a safe place to do it – a sturdy, steel shed comes to mind.

Now for the disclaimer. We’re talking about a device that generates extremely high temperatures. Although simple, this kind of thing takes a bit of care and skill to make and we wouldn’t recommend that just anyone do it. Do so only at your own risk.

The point is that the more we search, the more stories we find proving that there is seemingly no end to the ways in which people making stuff and enjoying being creative. There are loads of ideas out there and sometimes half the fun is building the device that makes the end product. All you need is a suitable place to do it. The kitchen table probably isn’t the best place, so that’s where ShedBoss comes in. If this has got you thinking, why not contact ShedBoss today to discuss building a shed or garage for you to house your next creative project.


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