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The planning phase is by far the most important stage when it comes to building a shed. This is where all your ideas and your vision get put down on paper. It’s tempting to rush through the process when you’re excited to see your new creation take shape on your property. However, the decisions you make here will affect everything that comes next. And ultimately, it’ll influence your satisfaction when it’s finished and your enjoyment […]



If you’ve never owned a shed you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What’s so great about owning a big out building anyway? Isn’t it just a place for cardboard boxes and things you don’t have a place for? Or is there more to it than that? At Shedboss, we like to think of it as an extension of your lifestyle. Today we’d like to list a few reasons why a shed […]



In Old English the words “shedde”, “shadde”, and “shad” meaning “separation” or “division” have been part of our language for centuries, but the shed’s history goes back a lot further than that. Sheds have been part of our society since pre-historic times and today they cast light on how we lived thousands of years ago. Since the dawn of humankind, every culture has had its own way of sheltering from the elements. Early shelters were […]



Move over custom, souped-up ute-owners. There’s an even more unique vehicle on the road in the form of the shed belonging to Kevin Nicks from Chipping-Norton in Oxfordshire, UK. The 51-year-old gardener has transformed his 16-year-old VW Passat into a rolling, four wheeled, four walled, street-legal shed. Not only that, but he’s already set a speed record in it. Over the course of seven months, Kevin spent over £5000 building the vehicle, which was constructed […]

How to make your custom designed garage a safe space

How to make your custom designed garage a safe space [Watch video here]

Did you know that a residential home is the location for a third of all accidents in Australia? Allianz reports this to be the case, adding that occasionally these injuries can result in hospitalisation. A garage can be a prime spot within the home for injury, especially with cars coming in and out or tools lying around. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent research on injuries in the country showed that cuts were the most common […]

How can I design an environmentally friendly shed?

How can I design an environmentally friendly shed? [Video]

Did you know that in the last five years, 16.9 metric ton​nes of carbon emissions were released per person in Australia? The World Bank reported on this data recently, and it draws attention to the importance of making an effort to live greener and more sustainably.  If you’re planning to build a custom designed shed for your home or business, there are a range of things you can do during your planning stages to help it be […]

Shed Boss App in focus: What type of building do you want?

With our new Shed Boss App, you can design so many features at the touch of a button. From colours to contours, you can design your dream construction to your specification, and then share it with the world, through social media, email and more. You can even do this on the go, with the app downloadable from the Apple and Google Play stores – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who needs to have […]

Whether a building is being used for storage, working space or leisure activities, it's essential to make sure it is a safe environment that can be counted on to stand up to the elements.

The importance of construction competence

From farm sheds and barns to garages and carports, quality construction is key to a successful project. While some people may place speed or low prices above construction competence, it's difficult to overestimate the importance of building strong and building right. Construction that is compliant with engineering standards and site requirements offers greater value, as it not only ensures that the building will be completed correctly, it also means the building will be more likely […]