What are the advantages of a gable roof?

When creating a customised shed design with Shed Boss, you have a wide array of building types at your disposal, including the option to have a gabled roof. This is a sloping style roof, generally with two sides that meet in a peak in the middle – a traditional shape that you will see in many homes and sheds.  But why in particular might you want to use this kind of roofing when you decide […]

Maintenance tips for your shed

Once you go through the process of planning a custom shed, designing it with the new ShedMaker app, you can come and speak to us at Shed Boss for a free quote. After that, hopefully we get the opportunity to build your dream garage, barn, workshop or other construction and see your dreams come to life. With so many uses for sheds, we have a wide range of customers and projects on the go at […]

Protecting your shed from the wind with the Shed Boss App

While we at Shed Boss can build your custom designed shed quickly and efficiently with top quality materials and ShedSafe accreditation, we do have to take into account many different factors before we begin construction. These can affect the legal compliance of your shed and the technical specifications we adhere to during the build. By letting us know about these factors when you build a 3D design in our great new Shed Boss App, we […]

3 creative uses for a shed

If you have a wealth of space around your property and don't know what to do with it, you could consider a custom-designed shed or garage. With so many different ways these can be constructed and the strong, durable materials used when you engage Shed Boss, you can turn a backyard area into a wondrous and creative use of space. Here are some more fantastic uses for a shed that you might not have considered.  […]

What are some of the extras you can put on a shed?

While working with Shed Boss gives you a wide range of overall custom designed shed options for the main frame of your construction, we can make it so much more than a regular four walls and roof. With extras available to help with ventilation, heating, letting light in and much more, Shed Boss products go well beyond the basic expectations of what a shed can be. Here is a run-through of just a few of […]

When do you need a permit for a shed?

Working with Shed Boss gives you a world of experience and expertise when you want to make your custom shed design a reality. But often, you will find that you'll need a permit before your shed can go ahead, due to council regulations. The measurements and regulations can differ from state to state and even from council to council, so unfortunately there is no one golden rule as to how big your shed can be before […]