Managing noise in your custom designed shed

When you have a custom designed shed or garage, it can sometimes feel like your own personal playground. Whether you're using it for a fun summer project or as a maintenance workshop, it's not hard to get lost in your activities. And before you know it, you have noise control knocking at your roller door asking you to stop what you're doing as it's too loud!  In Queensland, noise from power tools is not allowed to […]

Taking on the awning this summer

Summer is a great time to be renovating your home or shed. With more free time, you can plan exactly what you want and get it done yourself – or if you are in the mood to relax, hire professionals to do it for you, so you can enjoy your modified home free of stress. This is where we at Shed Boss can help, especially when it comes to constructing awnings. These are great additions […]

3 ways to use a shed in summer

As many Australians take time off over the summer, it's a great time to engage in hobbies left neglected, or pick up on DIY projects that have been languishing in the background. The summer often provides great opportunities for people to get out and about, making repairs or doing activities they have been holding out for all year. And for anyone who has or wants to build a custom designed shed or garage, there are a […]

Would you live in a shed?

While there are many working and playing purposes for constructing a shed, the ways in which a Shed Boss construct can benefit you doesn't end there. Our custom designed sheds and garages can not only function excellently as an office or barn space, but can also be used for living purposes. This absolutely depends on your local council and state government laws on the issue, but many people are in a situation where living in a shed […]

The unique conditions of Innisfail

As we all know, Australia's climate can vary wildly. The Snowy Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop for those who want the colder climes, while all across the nation there are regions that are perfect for enjoying the heat of summer. The state of Queensland is ideal for this, with beautiful, wide expanses that provide a fantastic backdrop to enjoy the sun. And wherever people go, there is going to be a need for sheds. Having […]

ShedBoss Q&A: Gabrielle Hickerton, Innisfail

In our next in the series of Q&A items with members of the Shed Boss family, we speak to Gabrielle Hickerton, who is a fantastic part of the Innisfail community.  How did you start with Shed Boss? We were in the construction industry for almost 30 years, and were approached by the then-owners of the franchise as we looked into being a franchisee through the newspaper. We came on board in 2002 in Innisfail, and […]

How to keep your shed cool this summer

Building a custom designed shed in Australia can serve a wide range of functions, but it's important to be aware of your surroundings and conditions. For example, you wouldn't build a carport style shed without walls to protect your stock from the wind and rain!  And on the other side of this, it's important to make sure your shed doesn't overcook in the Australian summer heat. According to Bureau of Meteorology maps, large parts of […]