3 benefits of a roller door

When you use the Shed Boss App to put together a custom design for your shed, you will notice the different options for doors that you can install. One such option is the roller door, which offers a wide range of benefits to anyone who needs easy access to their construction. Here, we will look at some of these in more detail. 

Fully adjustable

Upon entering the Shed Boss App, you are met with many different parts of the shed to pick and choose. Garage or carport? Add a whirlybird? How about the doors? The roller door is adjustable in size so it can be changed to suit your preferred construction use. 

If you need to move a tractor in and out of a barn or just want somewhere to house a smaller trailer, or any other object wider than a regular door, then the adjustable roller door will be the option for you. 

Super strong

At Shed Boss we use Taurean® Door Systems, which are a subsidiary of the Fletcher Building Group. Their in-house research and development means their products are constantly being tested to ensure they are of top quality and worthy of being a part of your shed – a great and trusted brand. 

Roll it remotely

When you're adding extras to your plans in the Shed Boss App, you will notice that there is the option to add none other than a remote to control your roller door! This is an excellent tool if you are working with vehicles by yourself, and saves a lot of time that would be spent getting in and out of vehicles to manually open your roller door. This is perfect for the busy farming lifestyle. 

Whatever your needs, there will be a way that Shed Boss can help you out. Check out the Shed Boss App to find out what we could do for you! 

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