How to make your custom designed garage a safe space [Watch video here]

Did you know that a residential home is the location for a third of all accidents in Australia? Allianz reports this to be the case, adding that occasionally these injuries can result in hospitalisation. A garage can be a prime spot within the home for injury, especially with cars coming in and out or tools lying around. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent research on injuries in the country showed that cuts were the most common […]

How can I design an environmentally friendly shed? [Video]

Did you know that in the last five years, 16.9 metric ton​nes of carbon emissions were released per person in Australia? The World Bank reported on this data recently, and it draws attention to the importance of making an effort to live greener and more sustainably.  If you’re planning to build a custom designed shed for your home or business, there are a range of things you can do during your planning stages to help it be […]