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Planning a custom built shed, carport, or barn for your business or home? Want to see what it can look like before the building even starts? Bring your shed design to life with the Shed Boss App - our easy-to-use design app.


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Shed Boss App

When you want to see your custom shed design plans at the touch of a button, you now have an easy to use tool right at your fingertips: the Shed Boss App.

Developed by Shed Boss, the Shed Boss App is a must-have app for anyone interested in construction. It takes your specifications for our patio, awning, barn or garage products and produces a 3D depiction of your shed - you can share it, set it against a picture of your land and even get a free quote.

You can determine if a mezzanine is going to fit, how wide you can make an awning and pick which colour will work best with your home or business aesthetic.

With so much detail on offer from the Shed Boss App, you won't be able to afford planning your next custom shed build without it - no matter what solution you want to get built on your land.

Patio perfection

So often, people forget to look at the exact physical restrictions when they want to build a patio or awning for their premises - not to mention any council restrictions on the height and width of your building! The detailed site information that the Shed Boss App computes will help you work out where your patio design will work best, and takes legal compliance into account.

Don't forget to select your favourite colour from the COLORBOND range for that extra touch of flair, and then you'll be out of the planning phase and into the shade with maximum convenience.

Commercial spaces

Industrial and commercial sheds are a common fixture in rural Australia. Whether they're for managing livestock, factory use or a rural office space, they need to be built strong and built right. By using the Shed Boss App, anyone planning such a building can work out the floor plan, separation of levels and even the size of the office.

It is essential to plan every detail of your commercial or industrial space, and the Shed Boss App ensures that this process is fast and easy. Once your building is put together in the app, you can even upload a personalised image and see what the custom design looks like on your land.

Personal storage and workshop space

Whether you've just bought a new car that needs some cover or have amassed enough tools to justify your own workshop, there are many situations where it becomes necessary to have a shed or garage for personal use.

With a wide range of additional features, the Shed Boss App allows you to work out a design that suits your needs perfectly. Windows and skylights can be added for shed spaces that require direct sunlight indoors, such as makeshift greenhouses. A mezzanine can be created in the app to make a space for safe storage of tools or chemicals, and you can try different doors out to see which functions best for easy access.

With such a diverse set of customisable features, the Shed Boss App allows you to put together a clear image of your design - no matter what it is.

Barnyard bonanza

One of the most popular Shed Boss products is the Stockman Barn, which services a wide range of needs, from vehicle storage to sheep shearing. By using the Shed Boss App you can check whether front, side or rear entry works best with the lie of your land and the weather conditions. You can also determine what size shed is going to best suit your intended use.

It'll also help you decide whether to use single, double or even triple bays!

By guiding you through every step of the construction process, the Shed Boss App is an indispensable tool in creating your dream design. You can share your plans for consultation and application, as well as getting a free quote on your planned shed. Try it out for yourself - it is available in both the Google Play and iTunes stores, or you can try it in your web browser here.