Why use an arena shed?

There are many different types of custom shed you can use on your farm. From smaller storage spaces to larger enclosed areas for handling stock, there is seemingly no end to your choices. When you want to work with a large-scale building, however, there is one option that often comes out on top – the arena shed. 

What is an arena shed?

Usually used for horses, arena sheds are a wide and long style of shed that provides a covered area for your equine stock to run underneath. It allows for training and exercise in poor weather, as well as letting you tend to a large area of grass or soil without too much interference from the weather. If you have built a stable with Shed Boss, you will definitely want to consider adding an arena shed for your stock! 

What else can they do?

Of course, horse training does not have to be the only purpose of an arena shed. While they often come with open ends or sides, you could consider using a shed of this size for storage of extra-large vehicles, or perhaps light aircraft used for crop dusting. 

If you have a high roof and want some versatility in your cover, a TauraEdge roller door can give you the gentle breeze or full protection you want. 

How do I organise getting one built?

The same way you would organise getting any other Shed Boss product – by contacting us and letting us know what you want. We will get in touch with our stable of local contractors and get work underway to your specifications. You will be able to relax knowing your custom built shed product is being constructed with care and with the strength to last in the long term. 

Whether you have large trucks that need shelter or are trying to train the next Black Caviar, Shed Boss will be able to help you get exactly the building you need. Contact us today for a free quote! 

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