The benefits of having a concrete floor with Shed Boss

When you build a custom designed barn with Shed Boss, there's a lot you can count on: Strong design, fantastic Morinda bracketry, a commitment from our staff to meet your vision for what a shed should be – and also a sound, strong foundation of concrete. The concrete slab forms a fundamental part of the strength of our products, and is a stable base to endure a wide range of impacts and spills. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of having a concrete floor in your shed.

Long-lasting durability

Concrete withstands a lot of pressure and damage that other materials might succumb to. Industrial sheds in particular are likely to have a lot of heavy machinery rolling around, so it's important that the base of your shed can handle this rumbling and rolling without cracking or getting worn down. Concrete is ideal for this, and Shed Boss' mantra of 'Built Strong, Built Right' is upheld by the firmness of our concrete base slabs. 

Crate stacking is also helped along by a strong concrete floor, making it ideal when you want to construct a warehouse or something similar. On top of this you'll find that tractors, gators and other farm vehicles that see a lot of use won't wear down a concrete floor in the same way that they might to other types of parking surface. 

Simple maintenance

While wood, certain types of stone and natural floorings require more precious maintenance, concrete's toughness means that sealing does not have to happen very often. Mopping every now and then, or perhaps using a water blaster for more deeply rooted grime, will be an effective way of keeping a concrete floor clean. 

How often you'll have to clean and maintain the floor of your custom designed shed depends on the level of traffic you have going through your shed. 

You'll protect your steel

As you may already know, at Shed Boss we use COLORBOND® steel – a trademark of BlueScope Steel. This great product comes in a great range of colours, and a warranty to protect your product for years to come. However, there's one relevant and important point in the steel warranty.

"[T]he material must not be used as concrete formwork or be immersed, including during construction."

What this means is to maintain a BlueScope warranty, concrete can't be poured out with the steel in place as the frame. This could have negative impacts for your steel, which is why at Shed Boss we pour the concrete slab out first, with bordering in place, before putting in the steel.

This creates a strong foundation, enables steel to stay firm and keeps warranties intact! Everyone's a winner. 


If you have a concrete floor in your shed, it isn't just a great foundation for the construction – it's a foundation for a wide range of spaces. If you wish to have a partitioned area that will have carpet, perhaps for some wine storage, then concrete forms a great base upon which carpet could be laid down. 

On top of this, you could consider acid staining or a type of dye to colour the floor, for more creative design options. Just because it's concrete doesn't mean it can't be extremely attractive!

Having a concrete floor on your shed carries a lot of benefits with it, and reinforces your custom designed shed as an asset built to last and add value to your property. You can create your own designs in the Shed Boss App, and then come and talk to our teams for a free quote. If you can dream it, we can do it! 

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