Famous sheds in films

What's your inspiration for building a custom designed shed or garage? While there are many practical reasons to get one built by the fantastic teams here at Shed Boss, you can also take inspiration from all around you. For example, you might pick your COLORBOND® shades for your new construction based on the colours of your home, or perhaps from a lovely looking colour you saw in a film.

In fact, taking inspiration for our homes from what we see in film or television is very popular. We tend to consume so much media these days, it's no surprise that it bleeds into our day-to-day. And while sheds might not be the first thing you seek inspiration for when watching a movie, there are many iconic examples of sheds right across cinematic history. Let's take a look at some of them and sing the praises of the unsung heroes of many famous films and shows – the sheds. 

How a shed overcame the Evil Dead

In the classic 1987 horror film Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, the protagonist Bruce Campbell makes excellent use of a shed. While it's definitely not a film for the kids, Campbell's character Ash finds everything he needs to conquer the armies of darkness in a work shed next to the cabin in the woods he is staying at.

From an inventive use of a vice grip to a now-iconic modification and use of a chainsaw, we think it's fair to say this custom designed workshop is as much a star of the legendary film as Bruce Campbell himself.

According to Campbell's commentary on the Blu Ray edition of this film, his famous delivery of the line 'workshed', initially warped in sound editing, has endured to the point where people ask him to say it on the sets of other films. Clearly, the shed is all people want to hear about. 

Those in glass garages shouldn't throw Ferraris

While this definitely isn't a design we would be making, you might find some inspiration for touches you want on your construction from our next custom designed garage. Remember the 1986 high school film Ferris Bueller's Day Off? A young Matthew Broderick skips school and goes on a joyride with his girlfriend and best friend, played by Alan Ruck. However, he makes sure to 'borrow' the vintage Ferrari owned by Ruck's character's father.

While the film is undoubtedly a classic that touches on the fleeting ness of youth, what we're all about here is the garage housing the Ferrari. With steel beams supporting glass walls and ceiling, the great garage juts out over a forested slope, giving breathtaking views and beautiful isolation. We can only hope the joints were patented Morinda bracket ones, to make sure they're nice and strong! 

In one of the most important scenes of the film, the Ferrari is kicked through the glass and onto the forest below. This isn't behaviour we can really condone, as we treat our sheds with the utmost care and respect. 

Making a custom designed barn, garage or shed to suit your needs is what we do best. By assembling teams of experts that can run through the entire design process to your custom specifications, we create stunning constructions that are built to last for the long-term.

You can check out just what can be done by us on the Shed Boss App, and then come and talk to us. Whether you've taken inspiration from these classic 80s films or not, we are sure to find a way to meet just what you want. 

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