Creating the ideal office space

When people think of a Shed Boss product, more often than not they think of one of our excellent rural farming products – be it tractor storage, a sheep shearing shed or perhaps something to house your crops. However, there are many additional uses for our sturdy-built products. Have you considered working with Shed Boss to build your next office space? 

We build to your needs

Whether working with a small business or a larger team, the custom designed sheds available will be able to meet your needs for a regional office. With the ability to create separated rooms with partitions and split a shed into levels with mezzanine floors, you can divide a shed into whatever number of rooms you need to get the job done. 

We get the paperwork done

Unsure about the building permits needed to construct your office space? The experts at Shed Boss have done this work time and time again without hassle, and will work with you to get the correct paperwork submitted for planning approvals and safety regulations.

Speaking of safety, our MORINDA joint system means you buy a product that is built as strong as it can be – no need to worry about high winds shaking up your work desk. 

We connect you to the grid

When you work with our local specialists, you don't just get an office space built to your requirements and the paperwork organised. We will contact electricians, carpenters, plumbers and any other tradespeople that are required to create a fully functioning office space – from a power point for your internet connection all the way through to fresh, clean water to be boiled for your morning coffee.

Start to finish, Shed Boss will have you covered when you need to construct an office space. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote. 

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