Combatting heat with outdoor awnings

Business owners around Australia should take note of data coming out of the City of Melbourne.

The Victorian capital reported on March 28 that extreme heat experienced over a three-day period in mid-January cost businesses $37 million in lost revenue. This was partly blamed on discomfort, lack of motivation and reduced morale due to heat.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of the 600 local businesses surveyed said they had to deal with extra operational costs, such as increased air-conditioning.

Finally, more than half of businesses (52 per cent) said they were very or fairly concerned about how future heat waves may impact their business.

For its part, the city said it was undertaking plans to reduce the problems associated with heat waves.

"We're doubling tree canopy cover for our urban forest, upgrading drainage infrastructure, funding more energy efficient buildings, implementing planning processes to minimise climate risk and installing various water-sensitive urban design initiatives," City of Melbourne Environment Portfolio Chair and Councillor Arron Wood said.

"Heatwaves don't only impact our city economically, heat related illness also kills more Australian's each year than any other natural disaster so City of Melbourne has identified this as a priority issue we must prepare better for.

While growing trees for extra shade cover is all well and good, many businesses across Australia can't simply plant a shade tree in front of their shop and hope for the best.

In these cases, investing in outdoor awnings can be a great way to reduce heat and save on energy costs.

Window awnings can reduce solar heat, lessening the discomfort of both employees and customers inside your building. They can also help you save on power bills by lessening the need for air conditioning.

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